We are an all inclusive club that focuses on FUN!  Any dog can play flyball.

Our practice is fairly informal and unstructured. A 'normal' practice consists of running warm-up drills, working various training exercises, and then the experienced dogs doing some racing. We teach new dogs flyball by introducing tasks one at a time, and every dog progresses at a different rate. Each dog is given individual attention for short blocks throughout the practice, so all the dogs get a chance to work several times with breaks in between.

If you are interested in learning or just want to watch, feel free to come to a practice.

Practice Location

We meet Friday evenings in Columbia City at a dog training facility, Puppy Perfectors (http://www.puppyperfectors.com/).
Practice starts at 7:15pm and runs about 2 hours.

NOTE:  Check the website for updates to the practice schedule or send us an email for more information.