About Flyball

Here is a link to a great video showing what flyball is like. This was done by another team in the Seattle area, but sometimes you can catch a glimpse of our team too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X64NC0oQdPI

A Typical Practice

A typical practice entails "new dogs" walking over the jumps on leash and possibly trying a "recall" (where the dog is held by a team member as the dog's owner goes to the other side of a jump and calls the dog). The progression builds up to doing recalls where the dog is going over all four jumps to their owner. If the dog seems ready, they are introduced to the flyball box and, eventually, to combining the jumping and getting the ball from the box. There are baby gates that are used to "hug up" next to the jumps for beginning dogs so that they have no option but to go over the jumps. All of these activities are introduced to dogs in a fun way with LOTS of praise involved! The "experienced dogs" will take turns with the newer dogs so that both groups get practice times as well as rest times. We all help set up the jumps and baby gates as well as put them away at the end of practice.

All dogs progress at different levels and that is expected. We don't want the dogs to feel pressure but to feel that flyball is nothing but sheer fun! If you decide to try flyball with us, you will see that our dogs display many behaviors which express pure excitement and anticipation about their sport!

We encourage you to come to one of our practices to see what this is all about and to give it a try! Some things to remember: